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When I first decided to blog… it was meant to be a place for me to write out my thoughts of the day, week or eternity! It was entitled, simply KPHolloway – Laughter is the best revenge. Because i truly believe that to be true!
As it turned out, before I even got to put my “pen to paper”, a tragic thing happened that changed my life forever. And thus, my first piece was a composition about my son, Shelby. He was hit by a car and killed while walking across a road on November 29, 2012… it was his 25th birthday. He was coming to see me… though I didn’t know it. I was inside… while he was lying on the road just outside.
I find now, that I must write about his life, his thoughts shared with me and philosophies of his life.
He lived fast and hard, but never callous or unkind. He wore the banner of “Murphy’s Law” which we always refered to as “Shelby’s Law”… as it seemed it was always with some sort of funny ending. He was judged harshly in this world by many, but never judge others himself. He would go to the ends of the earth for his sisters and they always were his compass home… even at times of true darkness and despair. He valued them above all.
I encourage you to share my journey, our journey, in moving forward with a life that is almost impossible to walk at times now. But I know with all my being that Shelby is right here beside me, telling me the same thing he always said to me… “I love you mom… and I will take care of you, always!”
And he is…


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